Chemical Management Services (CMS)

Poly Enviro specializes in offering tailored Chemical Management Services (CMS) to meet the needs of virtually any scope of work. We don’t stop at the basics of procurement, delivery, managing systems, and generating reports of traditional chemical management services.


We dedicate our innovation projects towards your facility. In addition to our own development work, we collaborate with your suppliers to merge technical expertise and innovate together.

Our successful accomplishments in developing chemical innovations for a breadth of industries give your operation an added advantage. Please view our Innovation at Poly Enviro page for a glimpse of our game-changing innovations that span a diverse range of performance objectives for the Department of Energy, National Security Office, water treatment, and several other global waste reduction chemistries.

Innovation at Poly Enviro

We persistently pursue the reduction of chemical consumption and improvement of your manufacturing process. We source products based on technology and performance – not based on relations. Choosing optimal chemical solutions should go well beyond the chemical’s intended purpose. Ancillary effects of improperly selected chemicals can contribute to higher operating costs such as tooling life, corrosion, water life duration, waste disposal costs, maintenance costs, and much more. We examine the ingredients being used within each chemical solution being sourced into your facility which gives you a chemical expert embedded within our chemical management services.

Inherent technical knowledge from our own chemical solutions being integrated in sophisticated process equipment allows for an increased focus on potential direct and indirect effects the chemicals will have on your equipment and process. A methodological approach through data analysis, chemical analysis, and product and process optimization that manages and reduces chemical consumption, reduces total cost of operation, increases environmental sustainability, recycling, and waste management which result in increased profitability.

We go beyond the functions of buying chemicals and managing the systems in which they are used. We bring added value to Chemical Management Services through our innovations and chemical expertise.

Dedicated Facility Innovation Partner


  • We dedicate our innovation projects specifically towards your facility to develop mission-focused chemical technologies that reduce chemical consumption, enhance operational objectives, and reduce environmental impact
  • We provide continuous research and development related to your facility
Collaborate With Existing Suppliers To


  • Develop more efficient chemical technologies that optimize operational objectives
  • Develop new chemical technologies that reduce chemical consumption
  • Develop chemical technologies that reduce environmental impact
  • Offer insight on polymer components to be incorporated in existing chemical products that enhance chemical functions while reducing consumption
Chemical Management Services
  • Continuous sourcing and evaluation of alternate products
  • Continuous sourcing of environmentally sustainable technologies
  • Chemical product selection
  • Chemical product composition review
  • Continuous Process and Chemical Improvement
Benefits of Chemical Management Services

  • Lower Total Cost of Operation
  • Reduction in chemical consumption
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies
  • Single point of accountability
  • Enhanced EHS
  • Ancillary Cost Reductions
  • Waste reduction
  • Reduction in waste disposal costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduction in hours dedicated to maintenance
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Optimize existing processes
Procurement and Supplier Management

  • Reduction of supplier base
  • Single point of accountability
  • Customized chemical spend reports by department and chemical
  • Chemical cost reports calculated per unit
  • Reduction in supply base and administrative resources – one invoice from one supplier
  • Utilize employees towards facility objectives
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory optimization
Quality Management
  • Single point of accountability for chemical performance
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Preventive Measure Chemical Testing – On-site secondary Certificate of Analysis testing to confirm material quality between supplier Certificate of Analysis test date and delivery to facility date
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Quality Control Reports
  • Supplier evaluations
  • Chemical expertise in discussing non-conformance items with suppliers
Environmental Health and Safety
  • Custom tailored SDS management
  • EHS Reporting
  • GHS Compliance
  • Threshold Limit Compliance
  • Waste collection and management
  • Fluid recycling
  • Hazmat management

  • JIT Delivery
  • Eliminate warehousing costs
  • Eliminate storage and staging areas in facility
  • Consistent reliability – secondary logistic providers ensure JIT delivery every time
  • Import/Export and domestic compliance