Electrostatic Application Chemicals

Our electrostatic application chemicals utilize novel technologies that offer excellent dispersion characteristics. Our innovative developments allow for reduction in material usage leading to material cost savings as well as elimination of VOC emissions.

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Electrostatic applications require mainly solids due to tribological property profiles. Solids offer a range of advantages such as high efficiency, great dispersion, low contamination and others. Common materials used in the past as solids are MoS2, graphite, WS2, and more. Their main property of interest is their medium to weak interatomic forces that allow for efficient and effortless dispersions which promote a lubrication effect.

Creating composite or mixed lubricant coatings of such compounds has shown to improve lubrication effect considerably. Such coatings are applied by vapor deposition or bonding and burnishing depending on the desired coating thickness. A problem with these materials and techniques is the extremely high specific areas of the nanoparticles that could lead to permanent bonding to the surface or agglomeration and loss of lubrication ability. Both of these concerns can be dealt with by using modified lubricants that minimize the agglomeration tendency. Spray coating is another option to vanish this effect.

One approach is to incorporate the use of layered double hydroxides (LDHs). These laminate structures include a brucite like hydroxide layer (positively charged) and exchangeable ions in the interior layer to account for charge balancing. Depending on your operation’s objectives, these methods demonstrate an excellent applicability of compounds in electrostatic applications.

Another electrostatic approach is the utilization of rare earth metal nanoparticles with oils or fatty acids. Combinations of the two have led to excellent results for tribological properties. Using the long alkyl chains in combination with rare earth metals promotes physical adsorption of the lubricants on the surfaces and enhances protection of them.

If your facility is utilizing electrostatic applications, our solutions give you the control and consistency needed. Whether single sided or dual sided, we can assist you in achieving superior operational objects.