Innovation at Poly Enviro



Poly Enviro has a proven record for pioneering groundbreaking chemical technologies. Our ability to innovate across a magnitude of chemistries has allowed us to collaborate with several global industry leaders and respected governmental laboratories. Our multidisciplinary innovating abilities have been utilized in new technologies for the National Security Office, Department of Energy, and a multitude of specialized industries.

Our innovations are mission-focused to improve operational efficiencies, eliminate environmental impact, and offer economic benefits, thus allowing industries to convert with no impact on the quality of their end products, processes, or profitability. We solve complex industry problems with novel chemistries that allow manufacturers to produce products that are inherently more sustainable.

Our pursuit of game-changing technologies redefines what is possible by pushing the boundaries of fundamental and applied science. We develop useful technologies that transform the marketplace and improve the quality of life around the world.


The statements below by these respected government laboratory, government agency, and corporate individuals attests to innovations that span a range of industries.

“Without his help, we at Argonne would not have succeeded in many of the crucial projects we were asked to do – by the Department of Energy and National Security Office – starting with Ronald Reagan and continuing with his Successors”

“But, one must understand that without Mr. Gor’s innovativeness and true dedication, we would not have succeeded”

“We worked on many projects. On many of these projects, Mr. Gor was my official technical consultant and for a few projects, I was his consultant along with other Argonne Scientists”

“My feelings and respect may be best illustrated when a few months ago I asked him to work with myself and a team of scientists from Argonne on a very specialized project. We hope to develop a formulation that can assist in repairing the damage from the BP (British Petroleum) oil leak that was occurring in the Gulf Coast at that time. I highly respect his opinion and believe that he could provide insight into this project. His previous environmental accomplishments in waste water treatment and chemical engineering ingenuity made him the correct candidate for this team ”
– Regarding innovations needed for 2010 BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

“This was very important as dirt is a major reason for spread of many allergens and disease vectors. It was Mr. Gor’s innovation that helped mitigate this problem”
-Regarding water soluble polymer technology innovated

“It was truly an amazing achievement. That day shall remain one of the major highlights of my professional life”

“Mr. Gor is a very bright and righteous engineer-scientist. We need more of such persons in this country”

Dr. Purohit

  • Argonne National Laboratory scientist with over 27 years tenure
  • 12 Years Top Secret Clearance

* Argonne National Laboratory is a science and engineering research national laboratory operated for the United States Department of Energy. It maintains a broad portfolio in basic science research, energy storage and renewable energy, environmental sustainability, supercomputing, and national security.

“No other company has been able to develop more safer and effective products”

“His formulations were implemented and have been used globally since then to eliminate pollution across the world”

“Many organizations, agencies, groups, and people are focused on “protecting” and “monitoring” the environment, but people like him actually develop solutions that “eliminate” pollution in our environment as opposed to just controlling it”

“He has since then offered many more environmentally friendly products to various industries where pollution has been a problem, and has been successful in eliminating even more pollution and waste in the automobile industry, steel industry, paint industry, nuclear industry, and other industries as well”

  • California EPA Pollution Prevention Officer of over 25 years
  • Pioneer of Hazardous Waste Source Reduction and Hazardous Waste Recycling programs
  • Provided guidance to California’s 17 large refineries and prepared assessment reports
  • Guidance provider on reducing hazardous waste to California’s metal finishing and aerospace industries

“The innovations from Dr. Rave and Mr. Gor display revolutionary characteristics. Their scientific expertise and methods for developing safer chemistries that optimize performance is truly admirable”
-Former General Electric Engineer

“These new developments from Dr. Gailus, Dr. Rave, and Mr. Gor of Poly Enviro have redefined our expectations of what has traditionally been considered acceptable”
– Fortune 500 Engineer

Chemical industries progress rapidly, offering new solutions to humanity that meet newly developed requirements, policy targets, and address long term problems. We have been innovating for over 30 years and our technological breakthroughs have continuously contributed to environmental sustainability.

New solutions and developments lead to an increase of our quality of life and will help preserve our resources and environment in the near future. These transitions lead to a further decrease in manufacturing energy consumption worldwide, helping humanity preserve its valuable natural sources. The continuously increasing use of biodegradable materials offers us an opportunity to reduce and eventually eliminate the problem of solid pollution of our lands via the discovery of new manufacturing routes of natural polymers. New manufacturing methodologies and computational tools allow for a vast number of theoretical syntheses and simulation of physical and chemical reactions that previously would have required years of lab testing.

The significance of innovation in the chemical industry is of utmost importance for our global society and environment. The need to preserve our environment, eliminate pollution, live sustainably, and preserve our natural resources passes through the innovations found in chemical companies such as Poly Enviro.

At Poly Enviro – We create innovation