Lubricants are an area where much research is conducted. They are used to reduce friction but added value comes from several other key factors that are crucial for each facility. Our research and development on lubricant technologies is at the forefront of innovation.

We deliver innovative lubricant technologies for your specific operation. Operational factors such as substrate gauge, speed, tooling characteristics, speed, forming process, and surface finish are all factors taken into consideration in each of our formulated solutions. Your process and facility will see an immediate return in quality, economics, and environmental sustainability.



Improved Operations
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Improved quality
  • Increased production efficiency

Cost Reductions
  • Reduced material usage
  • Reduced maintenance and tooling costs
  • Protect machine parts
  • Extended tool life

  • Elimination of VOC emissions
  • Elimination of hazardous ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • Improved worker health and safety

Traditional lubricants have evolved greatly since the use of hybrid composite materials. Tribological properties modification depends on size, physical structure, and interactions of the nanophase. Specific applications might make use of additional additives that ensure specific dispersion distributions of the solid particles.

Ionic liquids offer a special case for efficient synthetic metal lubricants. Due to their low volatility, non-flammability, high thermal stability, and the ability to be modified with anionic and cationic sites, they are valuable for special applications. ILs can also be incorporated into grease oil and other base oils to increase their performance and tribological properties. Traditional ILs contained several fluorous anions that could not meet safety and environmental requirements. This led to the development of halogen-free ILs that are classified as green.

Our lubricant technologies come from meticulous research and developments that allow our customers to focus on their operational objectives instead of downtime, quality rejects, and tooling issues.

Inquire with us to find out how we can help your facility become more efficient, improve quality, reduce pollution, increase profitability and production simply by the use of our advanced developments.