Mold Release Lubricants

The development of our mold release solutions can be attributed to our collaborative efforts with a Tier 1 automotive supplier to Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. This endeavor led to successful developments of novel polymer technologies that offer cost reductions and operational improvements.

Our mold release solutions provide exceptional performance in rubber-to-metal molding and rubber molded composites. Our innovative water based technologies are designed to meet your facility’s rigorous production requirements and improve the quality of your molded composites.

Mold release lubricants play a crucial role in rubber injection and rubber-to-metal molding. Manufacturers have strict quality standards and faulty components are not an option. Specific industries have mandates that require the manufacturer to use silicon free mold release lubricants.

Due to silicone’s inherent lubricious qualities, it is often incorporated as a component in traditional mold release formulations. If the molded component needs painting or additional secondary processing, silicone will impede the ability of the paint or additional chemical to bond to the molded part. Our solutions eliminate your silicone concerns as 90% of our mold release lubricants are silicone free.

Poor performance in a mold release leads to higher rejection rates, press downtime, scrap material, and can require a substantial amount of time to properly clean the tooling. Our semi-permanent mold releases allow you to focus on your operational objectives.

Rubber Compounds:
  • Neoprene
  • Nitrile
  • EPDM
  • SBR
  • Natural
  • Butyl
  • Chlorobutyl, Bromobutyl, Halobutyl,
  • Polyethylene, BMI, Polyimide

  • Multiple releases per cycle
  • Lower reject rates
  • No transfer and better cosmetics
  • Superior release performance
  • Cleaner tooling and reduced buildup
  • No polymerization concerns
  • Less press downtime

Environmental Benefits:
  • Solvent-free system
  • Non-combustible release system
  • No VOC emissions

Our semi-permanent release agents provide multiple releases for virtually all rubber compounds, phenolics, polyurethanes, polyethylenes, and epoxies.

Industry specific applications for our mold release developments have grown well beyond our initial automotive Tier 1 partner. Our developed solutions are equally effective in automotive, medical equipment, and aerospace components.