Phenolic Resins


Phenolic resins constitute one of the largest groups of compounds with a vast range of applications which include coatings, adhesives, abrasives, electronics, epoxy intermediates, rubbers, composites, and others. This wide applicability has given birth to numerous commercial brand names, but through collaborative efforts and years of research and development, we have endeavored to raise the performance standards associated with phenolic resins.

Ongoing research in the field of phenolic resins reveals new potential uses and modifications of existing products. Hyper branched phenolic alkyd resins with high solid content are materials that may provide environmentally friendly polymers with increased mechanical properties. These applications contribute to minimization of VOCs emissions.

Epoxy based re–workable coatings require phenolic resins as intermediates in their manufacturing process. Silicon modified phenolic novolac resins are used to produce new biofiber reinforced composites. These composites exhibit high mechanical and thermal properties, making them ideal for demanding applications such as automotive and aerospace.

Innovation is often most appreciated when the performance and results speak for itself. Several years of research and development suggest such a technology may soon be finalized.