Polyester Resins



Polyester resins are one of the most popular thermoset groups worldwide. Most of their production is used by sanitary ware, automotive, yacht, and piping/ tank industries. These resins are the product of the reaction between poly alcohols and dicarboxylic acids. Cross linking of the produced resins can occur via the use of styrene monomers.

Resins are continually evolving just as we are continually conducting research for a superior polyester resin technology.

Green polyester resins are based on the use of bio-based cross linkers such as butanediol dimethacrylate, isobornyl methacrylate, functional silanes, polysiloxanes, bio fibers, cellulose, lauryl methacrylate and others. The properties of derived green polyester resins are dependent on the additive and its structural form. Using bio fibers and cellulose produces high mechanical property composites, with increased bio degradation rate, and biocompatibility which allows for additional applications.

Our research has been ongoing as we strive to develop a higher ranking technology.