Polymer Chemistry



Polymer science has become the backbone of most modern chemical applications. Continuous revolutionary breakthroughs in different fields of polymers have led to creation of new applications.

Polymer chemistry development has been one of our centralized areas of focus since our inception. Our polymer developments offer high performance alternative green solutions for industries concerned about environmental sustainability.

Traditionally polymers have been governed by petrochemical derived compounds. However, this trend has started to change due to imposed requirements and regulations on specific polymer properties.

A significant polymer property of interest is the biodegradation or degradation rate. These specific rates affect the accumulation of waste on earth and contributes to world wide pollution. Most petrochemical derived polymers are not biodegradable and their accumulation increases in landfills and oceans. Further, the anticipated depletion of oil based resources is of much concern.

On the other hand, most naturally derived polymers are biodegradable, non toxic, biocompatible, and meet requirements set by governments and third parties. These green polymers have started to be included into numerous formulations for diverse fields ranging from water treatment, cosmetic products, medicinal applications, and high enduring surface coatings.

Specific applications have included an optimization of degradation ability of their current polymers via the inclusion of biodegradable polymers by creating novel copolymers and composites. Incorporation of polymers can be found in several areas including architectural coatings, dust suppression, automotive coatings, construction technologies, and much more.

One of our recent polymer developments includes a non-hazardous and naturally derived polymer for water purity. Traditional emulsions contain surfactants and oils used for stabilization. These surfactants and oils do not contribute to performance but rather increase the disposal costs and pollution rates.

These polymer developments have created environmentally sustainability with an increase in performance noted in field results. The potential of polymer chemistry is continually being discovered. Uncountable innovations are the result of new polymeric compounds. Our dedication and commitment to polymer chemistry research and development has been ongoing for over 30 years.