Specialty Industrial Cleaners

Our process cleaning solutions were developed to assist customers with their contamination and sanitary concerns. Cross contamination can be detrimental in manufacturing facilities and the laboratory. Pharmaceutical, food processing, and aerospace industries must comply with numerous regulatory standards as well as their own internal standards. Our cleaning solutions replace hazardous chemicals and adhere to the strict regulatory standards of your industry.

Process Cleaning Solutions: Effective programs for cleaning manufacturing equipment allow for consistency and reliability in your manufacturing process. Removing residue and process films from equipment allows for development of a cleaning program for CIP, COP, or manual cleaning. Cleaning validation is essential to several industries as opposed to solely pharmaceutical operations. Inadequately cleaned equipment can potentially lead to contamination of subsequent batches that use the same equipment.

Food Processing Facility and Equipment – Facility maintenance is of imperative value to the food processing industry. Due to the nature of products produced, food processing facilities adhere to strict cleanliness disciplines. Effective equipment and floor cleaning ensure proper sanitary standards and allow your facility to focus on production. Our cleaning solutions for the food processing industry are formulated from non-hazardous ingredients that do not leave any film or residue traces. Odorless, non-explosive, and non-hazardous floor cleaners allow for improved worker health and safety. Additional cleaning solutions for process equipment include products that emulsify and absorb carbon, grease, oil, wax, and industrial grime.

Pharmaceutical Facility and Equipment– Facility maintenance in the pharmaceutical industry includes routine equipment and floor cleaning. Process residues found in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplement industries must be properly removed to avoid potential cross contamination. Our advanced technologies contain no solvents, phosphates, chlorine, or bleach to comply with your EHS commitments. Microbial control programs require floor and equipment rinsing programs. A multitude of our pharmaceutical cleaning solutions are biodegradable.

Aerospace Equipment– Aerospace equipment chemicals must abide to regulatory and internal requirements. Our developments include cleaning technologies that do not incorporate MEK, mineral spirits, acetone, IPA, methylene chloride, or MPK. Removal of soils such as carbon, plating waxes, hydraulic fluids, and greases are routine maintenance for parts, landing gear components, and several additional components. Our aerospace cleaning technologies contain no solvents and are 100% water soluble. These solutions are effective for aircraft parts washing, aircraft exterior degreasers, aircraft exterior cleaners, and several additional exterior functions. Specifications comply with Boeing D6-17487 (rev N), Douglas CSD-1, PWA 36604, and AMS 1526B.